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Welcome to Canids-L, the Canid Specialist Group mailing list.

The Canid Specialist Group is the world's chief body of scientific and practical expertise on the status and conservation of all canid species, advising the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the World Conservation Union (IUCN). The CSG has its base at the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), Oxford University, UK (http://www.wildcru.org/).

The mission of CSG is to promote the long-term conservation of all Canid species throughout their ranges. CSG membership is rapidly expanding and is currently composed of 75 experts, representing more than 30 countries (and with expertise in many more) which include field biologists, academics, wildlife managers, government officials, staff of non-governmental organizations, and other specialists from diverse but inter-related fields. These people serve as honorary advisors to the Canid Specialist Group in their personal capacities, but bring with them the experience and the knowledge gained in their professional careers.

The CSG uses Canids-L as a rapid channel for communication among CSG members and to provide a forum for discussion of new emerging conservation topics chiefly for posting memos and information requests that concern the majority of CSG members. Canids-L is also open to anybody actively involved in canid conservation and research, so you may want to invite other colleagues sharing our interest to join.

News of new discoveries, outbreaks of disease or other mayor threats are welcome, as well as posting news of scientific and conservation meetings.

Please note that Canids-L deals EXCLUSIVELY with wild Canid species, their status, conservation and research. We discourage using the list for broader issues.

The traffic of Canids-L is difficult to predict, but it should not be more than 80-90 messages a year. In order to keep traffic low and focused on topics that concern the majority of subscribers, the list will be moderated by Claudio Sillero (posted messages will automatically go to the moderator who will forward them to the list).

The CSG also maintains a website (http://www.canids.org/). We will encourage posting relevant canid information that is aimed at a wider readership in the CSG Canid Bulletin rather than in the mail list.

The CSG website is also the portal of the CSG journal Canid Biology & Conservation, a peer-reviewed electronic journal for the dissemination of articles on all aspects of Canid research and conservation (http://www.canids.org/canidnews/).

Register details of your canid conservation/research project in our Canid Project Database, posted at www.canids.org, by submitting projet details by email.

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